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Retirement Benefits Manager III
Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans

Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans is seeking a Retirement Benefits Manager III. The ideal candidate should possess a strong knowledge of both defined benefit and defined contribution programs. This person will be sensitive to the impact of changes to retirement programs and their overall effect on the County’s operational and fiscal health. Additionally, this person will expertly and effectively communicate these impacts to employees, retirees, labor unions, and various managers throughout the County. The next Retirement Benefits Manager will have excellent management and negotiation skills to be used in the collective bargaining process. This person will have extensive knowledge of retirement systems used to store, calculate, and pay benefits, Internal Revenue Service rules related to the retirement benefit structures, accounting regulations and reporting (Governmental Accounting Standards Board), and compliance policies and practices in the oversight of business operations and functions.

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Location: Rockville, Maryland
Salary: $79,196 - $141,751
Final filing date: First review of applications: June 26, 2020