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Executive Director - Classified Personnel
Berkeley Unified School District

Berkeley Unified School District is seeking an Executive Director – Classified Personnel.  Characteristics of the ideal candidate include:

  • Seven years of successful management of the human resource function at a public sector agency with a merit or civil service employment system.
  • Demonstrate exemplary fairness, trustworthiness, and honesty in dealings with others.
  • Knowledgeable of techniques and best practices for recruitment, selection, compensation, classification, and staffing.
  • Strong familiarity with the CA Education Code and related laws and regulations and legal foundations of public meetings.
  • Skilled problem solver who can create, revise, and implement programs and processes that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided by the Personnel Commission.
  • Demonstrate empathetic listening and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Possess a high level of emotional intelligence to develop cooperative and synergistic relationships among stakeholders.
  • Intellectually curious leader to inspire staff to grow professionally and to provide excellent service.
  • Natural collaborator to create a team environment and promote cohesive-ness toward the achievement of goals.

Location: Berkeley, California
Salary: The monthly salary range for this role is $11,605 - $14,098.
Final filing date: May 24, 2021

Please make sure to have your Resume, Cover Letter, and List of References ready for upload before you start the application process. One combined document that includes all three items is preferred.