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Economic and Urban Redevelopment Manager
City of Las Vegas, NV

The City of Las Vegas is seeking an Economic and Urban Redevelopment Manager. The ideal candidate will be a team-oriented person and an accomplished redevelopment professional who has proven that they can pivot between new development on vacant land, vertical growth in the city center or revitalization of depressed areas. Being able to find out what citizens want and need in their community would be a mark of success. Strong candidates will possess a skillset which demonstrates contemporary thinking about business retention, expansion and attraction programs, financial incentives, property acquisition assistance, disposition assistance, management, and relocation. One of the most expected candidate skills, is creativity. While Las Vegas has a particular need to broaden its economy, the candidate who can create something better than what exists while ensuring the property meets the demands of the modern lifestyle, aligns with the existing community, and looks ahead to incorporate the appropriate construction technology would be ideal. Candidates should also be adept at establishing productive partnerships with current businesses and organizations in the community.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Salary: $86,052 - $137,686
Final filing date: First review of applications: August 30, 2021

Please make sure to have your Resume, Cover Letter, and List of References ready for upload before you start the application process. One combined document that includes all three items is preferred.