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Deputy Director of Operations - Public Works
County of Adams

Adams County, CO is seeking a Deputy Director of Operations for their Public Works department. The Deputy Director of Operations assists in the management and operations of the Public Works department with an emphasis on the Operations working group. The Operations group consists of four divisions: Operations Administration, Operations Maintenance District 1 (West), Operations Maintenance District 2 (Central), and Operations Maintenance District 3 (East). The Deputy Director also oversees essential public safety functions including snow and ice response, traffic incident management, and serves as the Public Works liaison with the County’s Office of Emergency Management.

The ideal candidate will bring a balance of technical experience in public sector transportation operations programs, public Right-of-Way (ROW) maintenance, and traffic maintenance and operations with exceptional communication and leadership skills. A motivating and supportive leader with effective change management skills, the ability to manage in a complex environment, and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will serve the organization well. Candidates with strong communication abilities in an operations setting, demonstrated ability to mentor and coach new managers, and a global perspective on customer service will be most successful. Candidates should be politically adept, creative leaders, and possess effective interpersonal abilities to collaborate and problem solve with a diverse staff, county representatives, residents, stakeholders, and outside agencies.

Location: Brighton, Colorado
Salary: $110,027 – $154,038
Final filing date: May 4, 2022

Please make sure to have your Resume, Cover Letter, and List of References ready for upload before you start the application process. One combined document that includes all three items is preferred.