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Executive Director
California Student Aid Commission (CSAC)

The California Student Aid Commission is seeking an Executive Director. This position requires the possession of a vast knowledge of state government and California’s higher education system, policy acumen and political sophistication, and expertise in state and federal budgeting and financing of higher education, and financial aid funding mechanisms for higher education. The ideal candidate is a seasoned management professional, policy expert and effective leader who brings a blend of creativity and initiative to this position. Successful candidates will have a strong familiarity with state/federal student financial aid issues and programs coupled with an understanding of the economic challenges faced by low-income and under-represented student populations in achieving their higher education goals. The next Executive Director will be an exceptional leader who can guide and collaborate with the commission and staff in drafting effective new and revised financial aid policies and programs; who has a solid understanding of the state policy making process, legislative process, and the various and sometimes competing interests of stakeholders; and can effectively establish strong relationships with a multitude of agencies and diverse stakeholders in order to advocate effectively and credibly for Commission initiatives. He/she will be decisive but appreciate and encourage input and feedback, while exhibiting flexibility and political astuteness. The ideal candidate will have an awareness of the different roles of commission members and the associated political dynamics, as well as the various hats worn by staff members in a relatively small department within the State of California. The ideal Executive Director will be a charismatic public speaker who is comfortable being the face of CSAC to the public, in news media interviews, legislative hearings, and while making presentations. Previous experience working with or reporting to a Board or Commission is highly desirable. Working knowledge of California civil service rules and state contracting and procurement processes, along with expertise in organizational analysis within the state civil service rules is a plus. Individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment and are undeterred in achieving their goals when faced with opposition or criticism will find this role challenging and fulfilling. A professional demeanor and a proven track record of sound fiscal, technical and personnel management are expected and essential.

Location: Rancho Cordova, California
Salary: $166,524 - $171,516
Final filing date: Open Until Filled (First Review of Resumes is on February 25, 2019.)