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This Recrutiment is Closed

Harbormaster – Pillar Point Harbor
San Mateo County Harbor District

San Mateo County Harbor District is seeking a Harbormaster – Pillar Point Harbor.  The Harbormaster leads by example with a strong focus on customer service. The Harbormaster should be willing to get their hands dirty and undertake any task that subordinate staff are assigned. This position is very focused on management issues and customer service; ideally, this person should have significant experience in harbor management, especially from larger marinas or harbors. Strong leadership skills are required to lead a skilled, long serving, and experienced workforce. The Harbormaster needs to be strong-willed, able to enforce the policies and ordinances adopted by the District’s Board of Commissioners, and achieve the goals set by the General Manager. Simultaneously, the Harbormaster should be adaptable and flexible in addressing customer service issues. Strong candidates will have extensive boating and seamanship skills such as a Captain’s license, large marina management, or other significant maritime expertise.

Location: El Granada, California
Salary: $97,850 - $125,660
Final filing date: First review of applications: July 15, 2019

Please make sure to have your Resume, Cover Letter, and List of References ready for upload before you start the application process. One combined document that includes all three items is preferred.