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This Recrutiment is Closed

Public Works Director
City of Berkeley, CA

City of Berkeley, CA is seeking a Public Works Director. The ideal candidate is a strong leader and effective communicator who possesses broad experience in public works. As the position interacts with many and varied internal and external stakeholders including commissions and interest groups, exceptional interpersonal skills are required. The successful candidate will have the management, interpersonal and political skills to lead a large (330+ staff) complex department with extensive capital projects and contracts. The successful candidate will possess a passion for public service, especially in an engaged and progressive community, a vision for expanded, energy efficient capital projects, and safe, low stress, complete streets across the City.

Location: Berkeley, California
Salary: $169,093.81 - $232,519.46
Final filing date: January 31, 2020

Please make sure to have your Resume, Cover Letter, and List of References ready for upload before you start the application process. One combined document that includes all three items is preferred.